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Coffee News is the creation of Jean Daum, a marketing expert with many years of hands on experience. Read her article on "How Advertising Works".
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Our Weekly "Find the RAVE Motion Picture Cameral" Contest is one of our most popular and important features. Reader's , enter the contest! Advertisers, learn how our monthly contest can help make your ad in Coffee News a "sure read" for all readers.


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Over time we have received so many testimonials from readers and advertisers alike. Really too many to list them all here, but below are just a few.

Follow the lead of these business owners whom realize the full benefits of advertising in your local Coffee News!

"We have been advertising with the Coffee News for over a year and it is by far the best advertisement that we spend money on. Biggest bang for the buck - Great value for our money!"

Ed Allen, CPA
Certified Public Accountant

"We have used Coffee News to advertise our donor program for several years. We get a constant return on investment. Plus, their customer service is great! They are friendly and very professional. I recommend this publication for any local business!"

Dustee McKinney-Morris
Marketing Coordinator
Center for Assisted Reproduction

"I have advertised through other local newsletters, referrals and internet media, but I consistently get over 75% of my customers from the Coffee News! It is the perfect way to reach the local consumer."

Sean Roark

"Cute Story about our ad in the Coffee News. A couple called while eating out at McDonalds and wanted to know where our store was located on Harwood. I thought it was another McDonalds on Highway 121 so I gave them directions from there. They then told me that they were actually at the McDonalds on Harwood which is about a block away from our store but they didn't know where we were located.

The couple had lived in the area for quite some time but had never noticed our business even though they passed by it frequently. So the good news is that the Coffee News has really helped to bring local attention to our location!

PS> The couple was so nice they even brought me a fresh cup of coffee from McDonalds.

Sandra Tarno
Candle Wick

"We love the Coffee News because we always laugh a little, we always learn a little something useful, we always find a local company whose business we want to try and we always feel like that little bit of idle time at the restaurant wasn't a wasted wait..."

Reader in Fort Worth, TX

"Hi guys, need to make another change. We have changed our hours here at the clinic, so I guess we need to have it published in our favorite paper. Thank you so much for helping us grow our business!"

Jo Ann Wickler
Western Center Family Medicine

"I can't wait to pick up Coffee News when I go to a restaurant! I love the strange facts in Everybody's Talking. My favorite part is the Trivia. Sometimes I challenge my family to a contest, to see who can get the most correct answers. "

Parent in Keller, TX

Thanks for the help! I can honestly say that I have consistently received 2-3 leads a month from your little paper. Not to mention all the other people that say they see me in that, and everywhere else, just creating a brand!,

Aaron Kinn
Kinn Real Estate

"Our ad in all 8 Tarrant County editions of the Coffee News paid for itself in the first month as we received multiple calls and we're able to convert several of those calls into sales. Your call tracking tool is helping us to identify what impact our advertising dollars are having with our customers and so far the Coffee News is providing a great Return on Investment (ROI) for McBrayer's Award Piano!!"

Danny McBrayer
McBrayer's Award Piano

"I love Coffee News because it has sent us more referrals than any other form of advertisement! Right at Home in Euless opened up in January and we have received phone calls every week from Coffee News readers! Our company has just signed up with Coffee News (about a month ago) and we LOVE it! We talk about Coffee News everyday and are so thankful that we decided to place in ad in your paper."

Melisia Beukema
Staffing Coordinator
Right at Home

"By advertising in the Coffee News, I have found your little brown newspaper to be very effective in the locations you put them in. It has been a great source of customers for my business!"

Dean Miller
Dean's Handyman Services

"I just wanted to let you know that the Coffee News is proving to be a beneficial means of advertising for us. We've gotten 1 job and 3 phone calls from it in the past 2 weeks. I'm really glad we met with you and I forsee that we will maintain our account with Coffee News. I hope you're doing ok, and thanks for everything!"

Four Seasons Arbor Care
Fort Worth, TX

Hey, this is John with Cody A/C. I just wanted to let you know that we have had tremendous success with running an ad in Coffee News. For the price, this is one of our best marketing tools we have used to date. We look foward to future business with you for many years to come."

Cody A/C & Heating, Inc.
Fort Worth, TX

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